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Change Management
The introduction of an ERP System is changing an enterprise in it‘s foundations. Old practices are re-mapped to modern end to end processes. Familiar topics disappear and a new process oriented thinking is established. The accompaniment of the change within the enterprise determines the success of the endevour.

Template Roll-Out
The solution found once is made available for all group companies. Working in a common application environment is providing an unprecedented transparency between all members of a Group. The decision to deliver a product out of another country to your customer is taken by the clerk based on data out of the sytsem. This results in customer satisfation and adaptivity to changing markets.

Project Stabilization
You have already concluded a project and have not achieved important aspects of the project objectives. A re-focussing of an enterprise on his core processes, his customers and his employees is required. Change management must be made up.The company is adapting to the processes and not vice-versa. Important KPI’s are to be implemented sustainably and the long expected success has to be made up – often painfully.

You are in the middle of a project and you fear another delay. Project objectives are in danger and the list of risks is growing consistently. In this case, an experienced hand is required to re-focus the project on its targets. Consulting firms are prejudiced, as their agenda (as many Change Requests) are not in line with the objectives of your business. Delays are inevitable – costs are getting out of control.

BRIC States
Many companies are expanding their business into their future key-markets. Brasil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) – markets which have to be occupied. Ironically, you meet 2 components there which are challenging to a harmonized Application Plattform – a very complex taxation (Russia: Profit Tax, India: Excise, VAT, Education Tax, High Education Tax, Octroi, etc, Brazil: Nota Fiscal ) and a cultural gap to bridge. India and Brazil are the most complex SAP localization. The bridging of the cultural gaps is the most critical success factor.